Las Lomas Forensic Science
Welcome to the Forensic Science home page.  Your
journey this year will be one that I think is enjoyable but at
the same time stretch your academic and intellectual
abilities.  Analytical Forensic Science is a field that has
been thrust en vogue lately but has been used in the
solving of crimes for centuries.  It is a world beyond the
glamour of the TV version CSI where real people become
the stars of true drama in solving often heinous crimes
against society.  Whether this class takes you into a career
in a branch of Forensics or just strengthens your analytical
abilities I hope you extend the effort to get as much out of
the class as possible.
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C.S.I. Flix Section.....Watch
the Real CSI in Action

QUEST on KQED Public Media.
AAFS Assignment
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Visit the USF&W
Forensics Laboratory.  
Contains videos of the
different services
they offer.
The Atlanta Child Murders
PCR & Gel Electrophoresis Virtual

Directions: For this activity you are going to
be doing three online simulations: one of
PCR (polymerase chain reaction), one of gel
electrophoresis, and one DNA profiling
simulation.  You will also read a short article
about DNA profiling in forensics.  Once you
have read the article and completed the
simulations, answer the questions from the